EULA – VR Plant Journey (engl.)

End User License Agreement for the “VR Plant Journey” Software

This End User License Agreement (“EULA”) is a legal agreement between the end user of the software and Breakpoint One GmbH.
Please read this agreement carefully before purchasing the software. With the purchase of the software, the following terms are considered as bindingly agreed upon.

1. Copyright

This software product including manuals, instructions and other information material is protected by copyright. No modifications may be made to the software.

2. License agreement

Breakpoint One GmbH (BPO) grants the end user of the software, unless otherwise specified, a non-exclusive, perpetual right to install and use the software on one device. The right of use is limited to the object code of the software. It expires if the End User violates the terms of use set forth in this Agreement.
BPO is not obliged to provide the source code to the end user. Except as otherwise provided below, the purchase of this license does not entitle the End User to deploy, install and/or run the Software on multiple devices simultaneously, to make and/or distribute copies of the Software, to transfer the Software electronically from one device to another or over a network after its initial download or installation on a device, to modify, decompile, adapt, translate, combine with other software, reengineer or disassemble the Software.

The right of use is limited to the specific purchased software product in its respective version and does not extend to subsequent versions (except updates) of the software. The license agreement does not grant any right to sublicense the software to third parties. BPO reserves all further rights, in particular distribution, reproduction and publication rights.
Commercial use is not permitted.

3. Special forms of use

An acquisition under granting of a pay-per-use license entitles only to a one-time execution or application of the software; a further use is not permitted. A purchase of the software under the condition of a certain term only entitles to use the software until the end of the term.
The use of free software from special marketing campaigns as well as community or consumer editions only allows private use.
Commercial use is not permitted.

4. Warranty

BPO is not responsible in any way for defects or damages caused by a modification of the software or due to the use of the software in connection with other than the recommended or intended hardware configuration, platform or operating system.

5. Miscellaneous

The invalidity of individual provisions of this agreement shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The invalid provision shall be replaced by a provision to be agreed upon at that time which corresponds to the economic interest of the contracting parties. (Status: March 2021)