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We design and develop AR & VR experiences for education, entertainment and training. Virtual reality and augmented reality are very useful tools to tell stories and give the customer an immersive experience with the feeling of presence. This presence helps to strengthen the experienced training simulation e.g. of a fire rescue simulation. The training person has a much better feeling of been there before.

When we develop products, we always do so with the awareness of generating added value for our customers. With this in mind, we question every feature and create user-centric tools and experiences.

We look forward to your feedback on our products and hope you enjoy exploring them.

Short overview about our products

VR Plant Journey

Virtual Reality Edutainment App for PC to learn more about plants. Learn more…

Breakpoint Park

Location Based Augmented Reality App to play at our office. Learn more…

Browser Based AR

A browser based AR experience where you can explore our office. Learn more…

Easter Rabbit AR

Augmented Reality App for Kids to explore the Easter village. Learn more…

Our products in detail

VR Plant Journey

In this award nominated virtual reality adventure, you’ll explore the inner workings of a canola plant from root to flower. What does canola need to thrive optimally? Learn about the processes in plant cells, playfully help it grow, and become an excellent plant scientist.

Together with plant researchers:inside the Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research, Breakpoint One and Simmation have created a high-quality educational experience. VR Plant Journey “Die Reise in die Pflanze” teaches children biological knowledge in a playful way. Thanks to fully immersive virtual reality (VR), players:inside are completely immersed in the inner workings of a canola plant, experience the events up close and can even control them.

In three chapters – root, leaf and seed – you test out how an optimum of nutrients must be regulated for the development of plant organs. The unusual learning unit is lightened up by playful elements. In the leaf, for example, chloroplasts are thrown with the basic substances of photosynthesis, carbon dioxide and water; in the root, ammonium and nitrate, important plant nutrients, have to be assembled; and in the seed, oil bodies have to be hit with a bow and arrow so that they grow.

The high-quality implementation of the concept is reflected in several internationally renowned award nominations: 2019 for the VRnow Award “Best Learning Solution”, 2020 for the Auggie Award “Biggest Societal Impact” and 2020 for the Laval Virtual Award in the category: “VR/AR for Learning and Training”.

Available for private and commercial use on Steam/Steam Cafe, SynthesisVR and SpringboardVR. Get your VR Plant Journey by click on the store or contact us.

In Cooperation with Simmation and the The Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research (IPK) we created a VR experience for the exhibition Ideen Expo 2019 in Hannover. Over 1000 kids have had a lot of fun and learned something about plant research on three stations with a free roam setup and a wireless HTC Vive Pro.


VR Awards 2021 Nominee
Category: “VR Education and Training of the Year”
more about

Laval Virtual 2020 Nominee
Category: “VR/AR for Learning and Training”‘
More about the Laval Virtual event and the Awards

VR NOW 2019 Nominee
more about the VR NOW

Press release IPK

AR Entertainment: Breakpoint Park

This AR application stands for Location Based Entertainment (LBE).
With this app you can bring our creatures to life. Scan the environment in front of our office and dive into the colorful, playful world and discover over 30 creatures!

Our creatures on the shop window are now alive!

♦ Play with the creatures
Tap on the screen and the creature will hop off. Run with it through the forest or guide it under tree roots.

♦ Explore the world
Explore the environment together with the creature. But watch where you run with her, some creatures are clumsy.

♦ Discover new creatures
Search for food and you can watch how the creature will transform. Be curious, every creature is different.

Please note that currently our creatures can only come to life in front of our office. But be excited for upcoming updates with more games, items and new features. You may even be able to tame a creature to take home with you.

AR Entertainment: Easter Rabbit AR

With this app you can bring the Easter Bunny to life in your living room and take photos with him. send Easter greetings to your friends and family and visit the Easter Bunny in his village.

Play with the Easter Bunny and take a walk through his village!

Using augmented reality, you can place a portal in the real world and walk through it with your smartphone to explore the Easter Bunny village.

It is really fun not only for kids to stroll around in the very large portal village!

You can also call the Easter Bunny and take some photos with him, which you can then share and send great Easter greetings.