Running projects

We have built a variety of products, platforms and services. Read more about our recent projects and let’s talk about your ideas.

Our competency is strongest in the development of high-performance real-time computer visualizations, graphical algorithms and user interfaces up to complete 3D graphics engines as well as their integration into complex 3D applications.

Science and Research – AVATARS Project – VR & AR & Big Data

Advanced Virtuality and AugmenTed Reality AppRoaches in Seeds to Seeds – is a BMBF-funded project with 5 years of funding started in June 2019.

Advances in omics´ analyses and high-throughput plant phenotyping offer unprecedented opportunities for crop improvement, but the enormous increase in data volume and complexity bears excellent challenges for data analysis, visualization and interpretation. The AVATARS project will use novel approaches for data integration and visualization based on modelling and on mixed reality to make data more accessible, to select relevant information in the multidimensional data space at various levels of resolution, and to perform analyses efficiently. Read more about this project.

Virtual Reality – “KOLOSS”

KOLOSS is our newest VR game. In the VR location-based multiplayer game “KOLOSS” for up to 4 players, you get a new perspective as a lightning-throwing titan and try to bring down the enemy castle as a team. A battle arena experience for friends and families.

Here you can see first concept art powered by Printkit.

We keep you updated on our KOLOSS Facebook page.

KOLOSS is funded by

Virtual Reality – “VR Plant Journey”

A great example for an edutainment product is our actual “VR Plant Journey” experience. An interactive experience was created that brings children closer to the topics of biology and plant research in a playful way. This development was part of our AVATARS research project. The experience is nominated for 2 awards. Read more about this project

5G and Augmented Reality – Exhibition Booth Huawei – Argentina Game Show

We realized an installation for Huawei at the Argentina Game Show. We created an interactive Augmented Reality experience. People could interact with a live performing actor. All data where streamed via a local 5G installation. The goal was to provide a credible and worth seeing augmented reality presentation as well as to take advantage of the possibilities of 5G. This project was realized in cooperation with our great partner

Platforms – Developer Community Platform

We built the digital home for the Android developer community. The vision for this platform is a place where developers can connect with developers from across the globe, create meaningful virtual interactions, find exciting Android jobs and most importantly, find the best Android content in one place.

Products and Studies – Motion Control and HMD Design

Feasibility studies with hardware and software, photo realistic representations Read more