AR Entertainment: Major Events

We provide Live AR applications for customized experiences.
Our video shows one of these live AR events, where a dragon appears in a stadium at a specific time. This precise placement is made possible by Google’s latest geospatial technologies, including GPS + VPS.

Live AR Events

♦ High Quality Brand Content
We integrate brands into the respective event and give you 100% attention.

♦ Interact with the Augmented Reality Content
Interactive AR content motivates a higher interaction rate and longer engagement with the brand.

♦ Applications in stadiums without GPS and VPS
Even in stadiums where GPS and VPS are not available, we can create live AR situations using our proprietary technology. These can also be placed at specific points in the stadium to create a unique AR experience for any event.

Major events can be festivals, street parades or sporting events. We can equip all events with AR and control them live. The future is now. Experience Live AR with Breakpoint One and create unforgettable stadium moments. Contact us for more information and be part of the AR innovation!

We realize your ideas.


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