Breakpoint.One is an innovative think tank based in Berlin and specialized in sophisticated developments of custom software in the areas of games, education and data visualization. We realize your ideas. Our focus is on state-of-the-art technologies in the field of 3D real-time visualization in augmented and virtual reality for all platforms.

Science Research Project AVATARS & Educational Virtual Reality Experience “VR Plant Journey”

The virtual experience “VR Plant Journey” will bring you closer to the researching of plants. This journey starts in a rapeseed field. You will travel inside a plant and learn something about the complex processes in the roots, a leaf cell and the seeds. With gamification of processes in the plant the user can learn while regulating the plant processes and actively start reactions through playing interactive games. This project is part of the research project AVATARS, which is funded by the BMBF.
The VR Plant Journey is now available on Steam.

More about VR Plant Journey. More about AVATARS.

Virtual Reality Game “KOLOSS”

We have started to develop our next virtual reality game. This time, it’s about the imagination of giant colossi who fight their opponents with their magical abilities. More information coming soon.

Live Motion Capture Studio to AR over 5G

We realized an installation for Huawei at the Argentina Game Show. We created an interactive Augmented Reality experience. People could interact with a live performing actor. All data where streamed via a local 5G installation. The goal was to provide a credible and worth seeing augmented reality presentation as well as to take advantage of the possibilities of 5G. This project was realized in cooperation with our great partner

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