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AR Entertainment: Breakpoint Park

This AR application stands for Location Based Entertainment (LBE).
With this app you can bring our creatures to life. Scan the environment in front of our office and dive into the colorful, playful world and discover over 30 creatures!

Our creatures on the shop window are now alive!

♦ Play with the creatures
Tap on the screen and the creature will hop off. Run with it through the forest or guide it under tree roots.

♦ Explore the world
Explore the environment together with the creature. But watch where you run with her, some creatures are clumsy.

♦ Discover new creatures
Search for food and you can watch how the creature will transform. Be curious, every creature is different.

Please note that currently our creatures can only come to life in front of our office. But be excited for upcoming updates with more games, items and new features. You may even be able to tame a creature to take home with you.


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Olaf Sacher

T: +49 30 233 242 99

Office Berlin

Breakpoint One GmbH

Hufelandstraße 34
10407 Berlin

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