We design and develop AR & VR experiences for education, entertainment and training.

Virtual reality and augmented reality are very useful tools to tell stories and give the customer an immersive experience with the feeling of presence. This presence helps to strengthen the experienced training simulation e.g. of a fire rescue simulation. The training person has a much better feeling of been there before.

When we develop products, we always do so with the awareness of generating added value for our customers. With this in mind, we question every feature and create user-centric tools and experiences.

We look forward to your feedback on our products and hope you enjoy exploring them.

Flying dragon in a soccer stadium

Augmented Reality for Major Events

Major events can be festivals, street parades or sporting events. We can equip all events with AR and control them live. The future is now. Experience Live AR with Breakpoint One and create unforgettable stadium moments.

Breakpoint Blocks

This AR application stands for Location Based Entertainment (LBE) in your neighborhood. With this app you can become the conqueror of your street and defend your territory!

Easter Rabbit AR

With this app you can bring the Easter Bunny to life in your living room and take photos with him. Send Easter greetings to your friends.

VR PLant Journey

VR Plant Journey In this award nominated virtual reality adventure, you’ll explore the inner workings of a canola plant from root to flower.

Breakpoint Park

This AR application stands for Location Based Entertainment (LBE).
With this app you can bring our creatures to life.

We realize your ideas.


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