Science and Research

We are part of a fascinating research project group funded by the German BMBF.
Data visualization as well as it’s efficient analysis – and with that winning knowledge about the data source – is a big theme because of the massive amounts of data we are already collecting in all fields of science. To use this data for gaining knowledge and make the world a better place is the most vital thing we need to develop.

The AVATARS Project

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To meet the challenges, novel approaches for data integration and visualization are needed that allow efficient navigation, analysis and exploration. As a solution, AVATARS will create an interactive environment based on techniques of advanced virtual and augmented reality (AV/AR) to make data more accessible. This virtual environment will allow users to easily navigate through the multidimensional data space across various levels of resolution to select important information and to efficiently perform analyses. Hence, it will serve as an efficient tool for hypothesis generation and decision-making.