Product Design

We support you in bringing your ideas to life.

We help our clients to design the products they want.

Feasibility studies and research & development for startups and industry clients to make fast decisions about ideas and concepts.

Designing products in 3D and iterate fast is a great way to get a perfect result. This enhanced with Virtual Reality gives our clients the perfect platform to make the right decisions to go the next steps.

Custom Head Mounted Display

We designed a custom HMD with inside-out tracking for a startup pitch deck.

Motion Control-Calibration Tool

We designed a custom HMD with inside-out tracking for a startup pitch deck.

A device for highly precise (<0.1mm) movements was designed and implemented. This device is used to test a VR positional tracking system. To facilitate this test, a device must allow pre-programmed and repeatable 5-axis movements (XYZ+Pan+Tilt) at a precision and order better than the VR positional tracking system. With an accuracy of <0.1mm this tool can approach any position within a room of 1m³.

  • 3 linear axes (XYZ) and 2 rotational axes (Pan+Tilt)
  • High precision 5-axis movement (<0.1mm)
  • Specialized sensor hardware, e.g., IMU with USB or Bluetooth connection
  • Carrier frame with high stiffness and low deflection
  • Stepper motor control board and firmware
  • Housing for power source and control board
  • Control and test design software
  • Database of measurements with filter and visualization

We realize your ideas.


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